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Tarot cards, candles, essential oil blends

Athabasca Ag Society

Athabasca Massage

Oracle & Tarot

Earth Tones Spa & Wellness

Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, wild rags, scrunchies, scarves, rings

Full O’Bubbly Creations

Healy is an FDA-cleared device that uses microcurrent to relieve acute, chronic and arthritic pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion and balance mental health. The device improves the body's cellular, emotional, and energetic levels to activate self-healing and optimize balance.

Healy Frequency Device

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Nana Mel's mission is always to remain to supply the finest, purest, natural products with specialty packaging at honest, competitive prices. Love thy skin by trying our line made with 100% pure essential oils, natural raw materials and botanical extracts.

Nana Mel's All Natural Skincare

Personalized cups, mugs, keychains, shirts and more.

Northern River Creations

 Health & Wellness company in the world right now! A complete wellness company for clean living - supplements, personal care and home products. Exclusive products addressing mental (brain), gut and inflammation health. Including whole body, stress, energy/focus, fitness/weight management, gut/detox, sleep, immunity, comfort & relief and now clean personal and Home products.


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