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Larry Kirby is a Canadian born “Natural Horseman” who lives and trains at Strathmore, Alberta.

Larry has used his gift with horses to compete successfully in many equine disciplines such as 3 day eventing, jumping, gymkhana roping, as well as showing western, English and halter horses.

His gentle approach has been developed over 30 years of hands on horsemanship.

Larry’s proven training method virtually guarantees success. His philosophy is centered around a common sense, logical approach of partnership building. With emphasis on understanding and communicating with the horse. He covers every aspect of training using gentle persuasion over force. This firm, fair and focused approach is so simple even an adult can use it successfully. His clinic offers sound, practical advice that is valuable to all riders and trainers regardless of their experience level.

Hundreds of participants have been introduced to this easy, successful and valuable training method through the “PRIDE IN PARTNERSHIP” clinic series.

“Become the partner your horse deserves”

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