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Upcoming Projects

In Agriplex Hall

**Please submit a detailed quote on or before September 30, 2023 to (for any or all scopes of work). Please call or text Sasha for more details or if you'd like access to measure at 7809774303

Remove Stage 

    - Remove stage and dispose (240" width, 36" tall, 145" depth)

    - Fix walls around where stage was & replace floors (we have some flooring materials)

Subfloor (supply and install) 250 sq feet & Flooring (install only) 250 sq feet

Acoustic System & Lights

    • Remove green sound baffles, and replace with ones that sit on top of hall ceiling 

    • Replace side lights of hall & source and replace upper lights of hall


Dance Floor & Floor

    - Polish the white flooring & refinish dance floor (hardwood)


Bathroom Updates 

    - Remove and add new vanities in both bathrooms (sinks, counter, 1-2 locking doors per, for storage) 

    - New mirrors in both bathrooms 

    - Possible repaint in both bathrooms 

    - New double toilet paper holders 


Kitchen Counters

    - Need a quote on stainless steel counters (supply and install)

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