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How to book your riding time:

Booking: Download the App SPACES

  1. Open App

  2. Click on Athabasca Ag Society

  3. Book Now

  4. Drop In - Indoor 

  5. Select a time - There is NO time limit on how long you can stay unless there is a private booking. If there is a private booking those hours will not show up on the booking screen. 

  6. Book Now

  7. Choose your Riding Pass type - Payment will be done via credit card on the app for drop in.  Riding passes will be linked with your account. 

  8. CODES- An email will be sent to you with the code for the arena. - if you don't see if check your junk folder.

Click here to fill out the forms. Fill out a waiver and a Riding Pass form. If you are wanting to “drop-in,” you must still complete the waiver. 

 Look at the calendar and make sure it is available. Click Here or check the online booking schedule

For first time use 

Arena For your first time to the Athabasca Ag Arena

1. Use the entrance past the main gate. Drive to the end of the chain link fence and turn left. Follow the road around to the South side of the building. Parking by the big outdoor pen.

2. Use the code provided to open the door. 

4. Enter the code. Email will be sent to you with the code after booking. 

5. Light switch is on the right hand side when you walk in the door.

6. Please sign in the user book located on the barrel

7. Feel free to use any equipment in the arena.

Put it away when your done and be courteous to other users.

8. Clean up after your horse. The wheel barrow should be dumped after your done. The pile is out side to the left.

9. Please turn off the lights and make sure the door is locked when you leave.

10. If the big wall fans are on you can turn them off while you ride. Switch is in the corner at the far end left hand corner. Please turn them back on when you leave.


If you want a director to meet you at the arena to show you everything, please email us. 


 Use the arena!

Please access the arena through the south door.  

You MUST make yourself aware of all emergency procedures and fire watch protocols.

These are placed on the bulletin board beside the door when you enter the arena.

                                                  Arena Rules:

  • Cleaning up Manure, both inside the arena and outside around trailers. 

  • No smoking in the arena or within 5m of an entrance. No alcohol allowed in the arena.

  • No dogs allowed in the arena. 

  • No feeding horses in the arena. 

  • No farrier work etc. to be done in the arena. 

  • Please use courtesy and respect for others when riding; follow common arena etiquette regarding direction, space, speed, etc.

  • Equipment use must be agreed upon by ALL present users (i.e. jumps, barrels, etc.) during Open Riding. All equipment MUST be put away after use.

  • Open Riding is for public riding only. No events, clinics, lessons, or group activities to take place; please book a private rental slot.

  •   Always ensure access to the building entrances for emergency vehicles.  Any abuse and/or excessive force towards animals is strictly prohibited. 

  •  Last occupant at the time is responsible for ensuring: the manure cart is empty, all lights are off, overhead doors closed/chained, and man doors locked. 

Enjoy and please continue to use the arena.

Let us know if there is anything you need or if you spot any issues with the arena.


Thank you so much for your support.


Monthly meetings are the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm. Everyone welcome


If needed 








Hourly Rental Rates

Arena Riding Pass Rates

These are for public riding times. 

Drop In:


Monthly Riding Pass

Individual - $50

Family -  $50 + $10/ extra person

6 months Riding Pass

Individual - $125

Family -  $125 + $25/ extra person

Yearly Riding Pass

Individual - $250

Family -  $250 + $50/ extra person

$10 per horse after

Indoor Arena Riding Pass Form

For more information or to book. 








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