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How to book your riding time:

Step 1 - Look at the calendar and make sure it is available. Click Here

Step 2 -Click here to download the forms. Fill out a waiver and a membership form. If you are wanting to “drop-in,” you must still complete the waiver. 

Step 3 - E-transfer your fee to
Once your waiver and applicable fee has been received, you will be given a code for the door. Please note that the door code for drop-in, is a one use only code and changes daily. The monthly and yearly code will be updated regularly and sent out to members.
For first time use - If you want a director to meet you at the arena to show you everything, please indicate this when you send in your waiver. A director will arrange a time to come meet you at the building.
Step 4 - Use the arena! Please access the arena through the north east door (end closest to the highway).  You MUST make yourself aware of all emergency procedures and fire watch protocols. These are placed on the bulletin board beside the door when you enter the arena.
Step 5 - Please be respectful of other users.
 Clean-up after your horses inside and out. There is a wheelbarrow and pitchfork there. When the wheelbarrow is full, please take it outside and empty it. The manure pile is on the other side of the water tank.
Step 6 - Double-check that the door is closed tight and locked when you leave.
Step 7 - Enjoy and please continue to use the arena. Let us know if there is anything you need or if you spot any issues with the arena. Thank you so much for your support.

Hourly Rental Rates

Membership Rates

These are for public riding times. 


Individual - $50

Family -  $50 + $10/ extra person

6 months

Individual - $125

Family -  $125 + $25/ extra person


Individual - $250

Family -  $250 + $50/ extra person

$10 per horse after

Arena Membership Form

Ag Society Membership, also must have this

Book Here

Contact Leah for more information or to book. 

Text/Call 780-213-0843