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Athabasca Rotary Club

The Athabasca Rotary Club was chartered in 1986, and has kept a strong membership base since then. Rotarians aim to create a fellowship of community members, comprised of different occupations, without restrictions of politics or religion. It is the goal of Rotary to support and encourage each other, so that collectively we can support and encourage the community and by extension the world. Through the volunteer work of our members, over 1.5 million dollars has been raised and reinvested in facilities and programs in the Athabasca area. Many of these projects are available for all to enjoy such as the Rotary Way walking trails, spray park and outdoor gym at the riverfront, toboggan hill, Multiplex Fieldhouse and the new Multiplex pool. Fundraisers such as the Rotary Celebrity Dinner and Golf Classic are two great events that contribute to these projects.

The Athabasca Rotary Club welcomes new members and visitors to join us at our regular weekly meetings on Wednesday’s at 12:30. Meetings are currently being held via zoom, but up until the last two years were in person luncheons at the Athabasca Legion. Rotary also welcomes volunteers who would like to help with service projects that are in progress.

To contact Athabasca Rotary, visit our Facebook page or Instagram.

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