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Just Breathe

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Just Breathe is a mindfulness program that facilitates meditation for kids, teens, families and adults. It holds the space for one on one sessions as well as class workshops and group settings. Within the program you and/or your child will learn the basic neuroscience surrounding the brain and the benefits of meditation, breathing techniques and meditation practices, mindfulness strategies you can implement anywhere anytime, calming and focusing techniques and much more. It explores many topics that in today's world we may all face at some point in our lives and will require the tools to overcome. These tools practiced everyday will become lifelong positive habits. They will become the new patterns embedded in your brain helping you live a more healthy, happy and successful journey. Meditation, going inward for contemplation or reflection, can be intimidating at first. There may be hesitation questions or statements like ‘How can I sit for that long?’ or ‘ I can’t possibly quiet my mind.’ or ‘I don’t have time for this.’ These are all realistic concerns, however, just like anything in life once you have the tools ~knowledge~ practice makes perfect. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you make small changes everyday ~practice~ you will start to retrain the neural pathways in your brain and create a new pattern that will eventually become your automatic way of being, responding and creating that serves you and the people around you in a more positive way. You don’t need anything to start, just start. Right where you are in this moment. Just take a few nice deep breaths and notice yourself breathing. What does the air feel like when it passes through your nostrils or mouth, is it warm or cold? Where does your body move when you breathe, around your stomach, your chest or maybe your back and shoulders? What does your breath sound like, is it loud, quiet, weezy or clear? Where were you feeling tense before where you are now more relaxed, shoulders, face, neck or arms? Believe it or not, you just experienced mindful meditation. It can be that simple and immediately effective. Doing that one simple exercise throughout your day has a great impact on your mind and body; decreasing stress, lowering anxiety, increasing focus, feeling more calm, happy and friendly. If you are looking for a shift in the way you face the everyday stressors or challenges we all encounter, consider mindful meditation as a path to your well being. A new way of being is within you to discover, take the next step and together we can make that shift happen. Contact me for more info.

Nicole Kerr 780-519-6617

Instagram @theawakenedchild

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