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Disc Golf! Have you tried it??

Welcome to Rocky Lane Fairways & Recreation!

Located 5 minutes south of the town of Athabasca, Rocky Lane provides a unique golfing experience offering disc golf, par 3 golf, soccer golf and fling golf, all in one place, as well as a great location for group events.

Family owned and operated, Rocky Lane has been designed with groups and families in mind. Each type of golf can be played by members of the same group while walking the course together. A perfect family outing.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking frisbees are just for kids! Today, disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports played around the world. Rocky Lane incorporates two disc golf courses. A nine basket game can be enjoyed with a group while traveling the same route as the par 3 and soccer golf. Or take the path less traveled for a more challenging game through a combination of groomed landscape and forest trail baskets for an eighteen basket game. The course takes into account both beginners and professionals. Each of the baskets are equipped with 3 different throwing locations for every skill level.

If you are a beginner golfer just learning or an avid golfer working on your short game, Rocky Lane offers a stress-free location, allowing you the time and space you need to play. Tee up on the scenic first hole and travel around a course where each hole is a unique challenge. But watch out for hazards!

How far can you kick a soccer ball? Soccer golf allows you to find out. Large holes are located under the disc golf baskets and are used as targets for the ball. Soccer golf is a great option for younger kids or a great alternative game for the avid soccer player.

Come check out the newest sport on the market. Combining the overhand action of lacrosse with the accuracy of golf, fling golf is a great alternative for that non-traditional golfer.

Plan an event and park the trailers. A large events area and ten unserviced campsites make Rocky Lane a great location for reunions, company gatherings, birthday parties and weddings. Let us work with you to make your event a success.

Don’t let weather stop your swing. Come check out the golf simulator. Highly accurate, the golf simulator allows you and a group of friends to travel to different courses around the world. Hang out in a comfortable golfing facility, turn up the music or watch the hocky game, and maintain your swing all in one location. Make sure your golf game is ready for the spring. Learn more at …

Greg and Joanne at 780-327-9671

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