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Modern Gardening Presenter Janis Borgen

My passion for gardening started as a child growing up working in the garden at my grandparent’s farm and at home. Later in life I continued to learn about growing on my own and working seasonally at the greenhouse. A few years ago I embarked on gaining my Horticulture Diploma through University of Guelph and I cant get enough! I have learned many new and exciting techniques to go along with the traditional knowledge of the past and look forward to sharing this information with others.

The AG society has come up with the great idea for a Home Steaders Series and together we will host 4 different classes covering a range of topics useful for beginner to advanced gardeners in small to large spaces.

The first class focuses on Soil types, health, amendments, water and irrigation systems and plot selection and preparation. Pest, weed and disease ID and treatment.

The second focuses on Seed Selection, mapping, saving, and starting seedlings indoors. How to care for and transplant. We will also learn about indoor gardening and hydroponic systems.

The third focuses on Perennials. Selection, Identification, Fall and Spring preparation, and propagation.

The fourth focuses on Annuals. How to select according to your space, planting containers and beds, care, and fertilization.

Each class is $30 and will run a minimum of two hours with time for questions and answers at the end.

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